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Stainless steel tank

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Stainless steel tank

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Stainless steel trough

Stainless steel material / double fabric groove / automatic material

4 big advantages choose us

No dead ends in all directions

Multi-position adjustment

Whole body stainless steel

Fine workmanship without burrs

Fatten double-sided 10 hole trough, plate thickness 0.8mm

Product brand: Weixin Machinery

Product material: stainless steel

Service life: more than 30 years

Product specifications: double-sided 10 holes

Product performance: 1. Discharge adjustment device                                      2. Patent technology for corner to stock storage                                         3. Saving feed and feeding hygiene Reduce the rate of infectious diseases                  4. Shorten the feeding cycle ahead of time

"Private customization 1. The length, height, number of holes and thickness of stainless steel can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Special site requirements can be based on site design drawings

3. Sample Processing"

Stainless steel pig double fabric groove

Uniform discharge, truly a good trough that does not waste feed

Touch and unload

Super saving material

Stable performance

Super pressure resistant

Dry and wet separation

safety guard

Easy to clean

Super corrosion resistant

The details reflect the quality

The red handle rotates up and down to adjust the size of the spout

The red handle rotates up and down to adjust the size of the spout

Double fabric slot

Meet the needs of multi-head pig feeding, large capacity trough

Whole body stainless steel

Full body high-strength stainless steel, full screw lock cap, durability for 30 years

Increase the depth of the bucket

Increase the depth of the barrel design, large capacity. More loading, built-in automatic feeder, lightly automatic cutting

Automatic material

Built-in automatic feeder, one piglet mouth, automatic cutting, saving effort

Feeding by column

5 foods single-sided design, eat in separate columns to meet the needs of multi-headed pigs

Product details: made of stainless steel plate, corrosion resistant, long service life

Product advantages:

1.Using high-strength stainless steel plate, anti-fall, anti-pressure, anti-biting, durable

2. All stainless steel bolts, anti-skid screw caps are fastened

3. The material hole position has no dead angle design, no hiding material

4. The trough adopts multiple gear positions, the feeding gap is adjusted freely, the cutting is accurate, and no feed is wasted.

5. No burr treatment, pig feeding does not hurt the pig's mouth

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Address: houhe town industrial zone, weihui city, henan province

Telephone: 0373-4293085

Phone: 18530213900 

Website: www.whswxjx.com


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